The Encounter Worship Experience

The Worship Encounter is the divine worship service one experiences at New Beginnings. The Encounter is divided into three separate, but equally important parts:



During the AWE portion of the service, focus is on God the Father. Recognizing His omnipotence, acknowledging His omnipresence, marveling at His omniscience, the congregation shows reverence to God. God's presence is ushered into the sanctuary as the congregation, in unison, read about God's awesomeness through Scripture, a Fundamental Belief, and through invocation.


During the PASSION portion of service, focus is on the Holy Spirit. Through praise and worship, the Spirit descends upon the congregation. They are filled with hope, renewed faith, and new vigor to face the adversary.


During the WORD portion of service, focus is on Jesus Christ. Only through Him can one gain access to the Father. Lessons are taught as the word is delivered by the speaker of the hour, and again, hope fills the congregation and faith is renewed.